Thursday, 26 November 2009

How To Get Designer Kids Clothes Online 50% Off RRP!

Have your offspring taken all your money and left you wondering how you can get designer kids clothes online and cheap? Children’s clothing is generally over priced so where are the bargains?

There are a million and one companies selling designer kids clothes and usually at ridiculous prices. The mark-up is obscene for most of these companies. Take Ralph Lauren for instance; their boys shirts are fantastic but cost between £20 and £35’s even though they are made in Bolivia and sometimes Indonesia. Now you can imagine how much they are paying per item to make these shirts in these countries. I don’t want to single out Ralph Lauren because they all do it. Next, Monsoon, Abercrombie and many more top brands have their clothes made in South America and the Far East in sometimes questionable conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t quality; on the contrary they are top quality and worth a good price, but not the top price that these big brands charge. You can get these same brands half price or less if you know where to look. So where do you find kids designer clothes online and cheap?

Second-hand on eBay

Well… yep you can search eBay for second hand designer kid’s clothes. It’s a very good place to look. The best way to get a bargain on eBay concerning kid’s clothes is to buy a bundle of clothes that are the right age group for your child. You can get some real designer clothes bargains this way. Some of the clothes may not be any good but if you get them for a rock bottom price… Who cares if you throw some away right? But if you’re like me you won’t be that interested in this method. I come from a very proud family and it kind of goes against the grain to buy second-hand clothes. I’ve worked hard so I want my kids to have what I didn’t have… new designer clothes.

Brand Designer Kids Clothes Sales

You can sign up for the newsletters of main brand designer kid’s clothes websites and hope they have a sale or a great half price offer. Sadly, you will wait a long time and in a minute I will explain why. Did you ever see Ralph Lauren or OshKosh have a half price sale? No! Because they don’t have to because of the extreme mark-up on their clothes they make so much profit if they pull a line of clothes they don’t sell them off. They feel it will damage the prestige of their products if they have an end-of –line sale. Their main customer is middle to upper class and isn’t worried about money but is worried about quality, brand awareness and prestige. They tend to buy for their kids the same brands that they wear themselves and generally being high earners they tend to where high profile brands.

Where do all the end-of-line designer kids’ clothes go?

This is the key to getting designer kids clothes half price or less. There are a number of small kid’s clothes companies that buy up the end-of-line and ‘overstocks’. What are ‘overstock’? With kids clothes there is always certain sizes that sell well in one style or another. This leaves the company with the issue of having in their shops a range of clothes that has a size or two missing from its range. Now a prestigious brand like Monsoon or Abercrombie won’t have a range of clothes in their shops unless they can provide all sizes. So as soon as a particular size sells out in a certain style, that style of shirt, trousers etc. is removed from the shops and sold off as ‘overstocks’. These are the best bargains you will find as they are brand new and all that’s missing sometimes is the tag. But you are still getting the same quality at sometimes less than half price. This makes designer kids clothes accessible to pretty much everyone.

There is also bankrupt stock, some companies buy the stock from shops that are closing down at rock bottom prices and this enables you the consumer the opportunity to get a real designer bargain. Again with bankrupt stock the labels are sometimes cut to prevent people returning the clothes to a high street store for a full price refund. This is a legal requirement sometimes. But you can get designer kid’s clothes online with labels and tags intact, you just need to know where to look.

The best place for quality designer kid’s clothes online is in the UK. They stock quality and designer kid’s clothes at less than half price. They cover age range 0-8 years, boys and girls clothes. Most of their stock is bagged, tagged and on hangers. They ship worldwide… Enjoy!

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