Monday, 9 November 2009

Can I Make Money From Online Horse Racing Betting Systems?

If you've looked into betting forums, read reviews, read books, used software, bots, tipster’s services, etc, you will know by now that there is system for all sorts of markets such as Betfair games, horse racing, football, baccarat, tennis and more... And you know that for every single market on Betfair there are literally tons of systems created by people ready to take your money for practically nothing in return...

Does this sound familiar?
They generally leave you with hours of hair-pulling frustration and an even emptier bank account! And that's if you are lucky. Sometimes you are also left with massive credit card bills to pay, because you have tried to give this or that system "one final shot"...

All we punters want is one thing - a simple and easy step-by-step system producing long lasting profits!! It’s not much to ask is it?

We want FIVE simple things in a betting system... we want a system that:

1.Does not require any previous experience or special skills.
2.Doesn't put our full bank at risk.
3.Does not require hours in front of the computer.
4.Does not require much money to get started.
5.Most Important: Makes a lot of money for years to come!

Who can blame anyone wanting these things? People like you and me DON'T want to risk our hard earned cash. We just want to have the freedom to make money anytime we wish and never want to work a badly paid 9-5 job, another day of our lives.

Probably like yourself, I've tried out betting systems and software that promise to give you everything you need to make long lasting profits on Betfair. I've joined every so called "professional gambler" tipster service out there. I've even given a couple of shots to those slick-looking betting bots that supposedly will take care of everything for you (some costing me over £200.00 per month!).

No body really does this now… but I was bitten by the horse racing bug when I was young, when my father took me to the betting shop with him (without my mother’s knowledge of course). He would let me pick a horse and I of course picked a horse that I liked the name of. My father on the other hand would study and study the form, then chew the fat with his mates and after several minutes of banter and form study… he would pick a horse.

Much to my father’s annoyance, occasionally my horse would win and his would finish a poor last or pull-up. Usually my horse was at long odds so I won more than him too. So at a very young age I realised that no matter how well you know the horse or the form it doesn’t mean it will win.
So I took another approach and as a young man I always found mathematics fairly easy and enjoyed stats and analysis so I thought there must be a system to horse racing and stacking the odds in your favour. All sport has averages and regular stats that occur. So can we stack the odds in horse racing in our favour and if so who knows how to do it?

There is help at hand…….
You see, there is actually a lot of money to be made betting online, even if you have no experience whatsoever. You simply need to use the right system and the right money management, to maximize your earnings whilst protect your investments and taking virtually NO risks!

Betting Warrior is not only a method to select the right ‘pick’ and protect your investment. It is also a very simple staking plan to manage your bet amount that you will keep to make your bank grow at the speed of light. This will eliminate all the stress of normal betting... you will learn how to make secure trades that will allow you to cash bet after bet, without ever worrying about the result of a race or wasting too much of your time at the computer.

If you want to know more about this and four other betting systems that work visit; We tested the fifty most popular betting systems and here are the results.

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