Monday, 28 March 2011

Water4Gas Exposed - How to Run Your Car on Water

With the rising price of oil and the fact that carbon fuels are running out, we need to look at different ways to save Gasoline and eventually replace it. So… can you run your car on water? There are systems on the market that can help reduce your Gasoline bill by half. This can save you serious money over the coming years with Gasoline expecting to rise to $10’s per gallon in America and already $9’s in the UK and parts of Europe.

Of course you cannot run your car totally on water as yet, although there is supposed to be an invention out there that does just that… but has been hidden by the oil companies for the time being. Whether this is true or not, only time will tell. However, there is a system readily available and simple to fit that uses water and reduces your fuel consumption by 50%

This system also cleans the engine and reduces your emissions dramatically, making Water4Gas the most eco friendly system on the market. The best thing of all is this is a simple system that is easy to learn and install. It doesn’t require expensive parts as you can get all the information and tuition you need through Water4Gas. Once you learn how to fit the Water4Gas system you can even make money fitting them for other people. With increasing oil prices, it’s a great market to get into as people’s finances become more squeezed.

The system relies on what is known as HHO Gas, which are Hydrogen + Oxygen which is injected into the cars carburettor. HHO Gas is three times more powerful than gasoline and consequently produces more power for less. This increases output and in these times where we desire better performing engines, this can only be a positive product to get into. The main components in the system are vacuum T-connector, PCV enhancer, fuel heater, fuse holder and electrolyze.

Now that sounds all a bit specialized but it’s not once these things are explained to you. Any reasonably skilled DIY enthusiast can deal with this… once they have read the Water4Gas manual. It really is a simple process and takes just a weekend to convert your car to run on water. One weekend to save you hundreds or even 1000’s per year depending on how much you use your vehicle. Work out how much you spend per week on Gasoline, multiply by 52 and reduce by 50%. That’s the money you will have extra to spend on holidays, hobbies or home entertainment systems.

This system can make a significant difference to your life… so check out the Water4Gas system and discover how to run your car on water. For most families that have converted to Water4Gas, not only have they saved themselves a small fortune they have enjoyed that rather smug feeling that you get when helping reduce carbon emissions and protecting the planet, making the world a better place for your children and theirs.

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jessy said...

It is really a good news that we can run cars with water and it will save $9’s in the UK and parts of Europe. This will also help in keeping the environment clean.