Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Free Money For Bills the Easy Way

By Aaron Lishiguang Lee

Are you wondering how you can make free money for bills payment? Well you aren't the only one! With the recession hitting everyone hard, it has been tough to make ends meet and even tougher to have fun in this time. But that should not hold you down. If you are running low on money, then you've got to find ways to make more money to make ends meet! It's as simple as that.

One of the best ways to find free money for bills is by taking surveys. There are several thousand survey sites present online that work on the same principle and are more than happy to pay out large sums of money for you if you are willing to spend about ten minutes to half an hour taking their surveys. There are several local and international companies that launch new products every day in the market. To check the market for the goods they have produced, most companies will hire market surveyors who will take a cross section of population and ask them whether they would be interested in buying such a product.

A few survey sites will take a detailed questionnaire and then send you a free sample. This will require you to register with survey sites and then produce your detailed profile to their site. According to your geographical location and the profile you have submitted, you will be eligible for a huge range of surveys. Sites like SurveyScout and GlobalTestMarket are all survey companies that have international clients and run surveys nearly every second. But the payment process of each company will vary.

A few companies will reward you about a dollar to ten dollars for every survey that you finish. But there are other survey companies that will reward you with points. Over time, these points accumulate and you will get great free gifts that are redeemable with the points. The process works well as each reliable company has thousands of people registered with them from all over the world. Another advantage is that, all these survey sites send you samples that you can use for your review process in taking surveys.

So along with money and free gifts you are also likely to get samples that are sent directly to your postal address. The only drawback with the free online surveys is that the number of surveys that you get will depend on the geographical location you are located at. As a result, always make sure to send in a complete and detailed profile with the correct address or you could lose out on surveys and samples too.

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