Monday, 7 June 2010

How To Fully Exploit Football Tipster Soccer Predictions

By: Frank London

Firstly, for those that are new to football tipster soccer predictions, what people do is sign up to football tipster websites and receive information on which teams have a high probable chance of winning based on some system they have perfected and there are many and they are mostly secret.

A good football tipster should get 80-90% of their soccer predictions right. You don't have to know about soccer to make money on soccer if you sign up to one of these football tipster's soccer prediction websites and win 80% or more of your bets. They do work and they do return a great income.

However, the problem I have with football tipsters and the reason I added a little twist of my own is that they go for favourites mostly and consequently the odds are not great. So on average, if you bet $100 you will win $40 but you will win $40 most of the time. Obviously you can risk more, $1000 to win $400 and so on. Although this is a great return, one of the other reasons I do soccer betting is for the excitement as I am also a very big soccer fan and like most gamblers I also do it for the kick (excuse the pun) and the excitement!
So here's what I do. I take 4 or 6 of the football tips I have been given by the professionals and bet on them individually as the football tipster suggests but I also do an accumulator with all 6. You don't have to put much on to get a huge return. The best I have had so far is $2000 for a $10 bet on an accumulator.

Obviously the more games you involve in your accumulator, the more the return if they all come in. Now, my football tipster averages 95% accurate soccer predictions so there is always a good chance my accumulator will come in. If not, I generally win at least 5 of the 6 bets so I am always up and cover the cost of the accumulator easily.

For the novices, an accumulator can be any number of bets but they all have to win for you to win the overall bet. Basically if you do a 6 fold accumulator, you bet on 6 separate games and hopefully they all come in, the winnings from the first game are placed on the next game and so on. This means there is a greater amount going on each game resulting in a greater payout. So even if the odds aren't great individually because you have picked favourites in each game the combined 6 fold accumulator will boost your return greatly if all 6 are winners. You can of course do 4 fold or 5 fold accumulators and still win a great return.

There are professional gamblers that do this for a living and make great money for very little effort but I think the greatest opportunity here is for those with little or no knowledge of football or betting. You can sign up to a football tipster soccer prediction website and take their tips and add an accumulator side bet and make a great income without any knowledge of the sport or betting and with very little outlay. So join a football tipster website and exploit the information they are giving you and do accumulators to make an even better return on your investment.

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