Monday, 14 February 2011

Spray Tan Courses Could Help You Make Serious Money

Author: Frank London

Many people never consider starting their own business because it seems an awesome task. However, it’s a lot easier than you think once you break down what you need to do. In this article I will show you how to start a small spray tanning business and make serious money in a fun and easy way.

Obviously you will need to learn how to spray tan and this is a lot easier and cheaper than you think. You can learn how to spray tan for as little as $40’s. This includes learning how to get your spray tan business up and running. We will cover this in more detail at the end.

Please don’t be offended by the simplistic nature of this article. In this article I am assuming that you haven’t been in business before and know very little about being your own boss.

Being your own boss does take a little self discipline and a bit of studying from you. Basically the amount of effort you put in will dictate how much money you make. When you are your own boss there isn’t anyone to reprimand you and consequently there isn’t anyone to help you. So the more you put in the more you will get out.

Running your own business is very simple, here is how it works in simple terms:

1. You advertise your business and services (Spray Tanning).

2. Customers contact you and order your services.

3. You visit the customer and administer the service.

4. You charge them a fee.

That is it! Not so difficult right? It really is as simple as that… there is only one boring bit that isn’t very popular and that is doing your books and dealing with the tax man.

This is simply resolved by what’s known in business as outsourcing. Everyone does it and I recommend you do it to. Don’t even try and deal with the books. Hire someone to do the books for you or find a small business Accountant and accept you have this cost to pay. Generally speaking, Accountants will save you more in tax than they cost you and a good Accountant will guide you along with your business and help you be more efficient and consequently more successful.

The basis of business accounting is; you keep a record of the money generated by your business and all the expenses that were incurred in providing this service and hand it to your accountant. That leaves you to concentrate on finding customers, networking and earning money spray tanning. With skin cancer on the increase there has never been a better time to start a spray tan business. It’s very much in demand whether you live in a cold country or warm climate and all year round.

Sadly, spray tanning is restricted to mainly woman as us men aren’t really welcome at spray tan parties. The principles of running a small business are the same for all niches so don’t be afraid to start your own business; it could just be a great and fun way to earn a great living on your terms. Remember… you set your hours so this can be done around your children or other work.

There are many online spray tan courses and you can Google it and find all sorts of help. But don’t be coerced into paying through the nose as you can get a very good spray tan course from Jacinta’s Spray Tan Success Training Manual by clicking here for under $40’s. Good luck, your future is in your hands.

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