Monday, 22 November 2010

Will You Really Make Money With Google AdSense?

By Frank London

Firstly, it's not easy, so if you are looking for an easy money spinner, this isn't it and to be fair and I hate to burst your bubble but there isn't one. All money making systems and schemes take knowledge and dedication. Making money is never easy, but the main difference with making money online is that once you master something and set it up, it runs on autopilot and then you can move on to the next project without having to employ anyone else. So you have control and passive income and if you get it right... a massive passive income!

So... how to make money with Google AdSense:

Depending on where you are reading this, you will see 'Ads by Google' to the side, above or below this article. That is AdSense!

Basically, you make money with Google AdSense by getting people to click on their ads. That sounds simple enough right? Well it is if you have a website or blog visited by many people. This is called 'monetizing' your website or blog and will generate an added income to your website. Even if you aren't that interested in making money with AdSense, you would be a fool not to monetize your landing page as some income is better than none.

What Google never told you about making money with AdSense is that you make a very small amount on each click on the ads on your website or blog. The commission can range from $0.01 to $3.00 so you can see that knowing what adverts to have on your website is vitally important. So you will have to have a very good understanding of AdSense and how it works to make good money.

There are many people on the internet making money with Google AdSense from what we call 'arbitrage'. This means you use Pay per Click (PPC) to get people to your landing page where your AdSense adverts are and if done right, you pay say, 2 cents per click and earn 20 cents per click on the AdSense advert. So on each click you pay for, you are making 10x more from the advert clicked by your visitors.

So you can see how important it is to know all there is to know about AdSense Arbitrage before attempting it as you will quickly lose a small fortune, but there is serious money to be made when you get it right and it is an automated system and only takes a little maintenance from time to time. The more you invest, the more you make. The real guru's of this system are making $10,000 per month and that's all they need to do.

However, for most of us, making money with Google AdSense is about boosting our online incomes and monetizing our websites and blogs. That's what I do and once mastered it's an automated system and passive income added to your main income. If you have a blog or website you would be mad not to have AdSense on there. As long as you are not advertising gambling products, you are fine to have AdSense on every page of your website.

You may be wondering why Google never told you about making money with AdSense, well... that's because they are making a fortune anyway and don't really need to share the profits with you and I. A word of warning, beware of the Google Cash systems advertised everywhere as there is a lot of scams out there, that just take your money and you never hear from them again.

You can find out how to make money with Google AdSense from their website for free, but it's not easy. If
you have a website or blog you really do need to monetize it or you are just missing out on a free income that takes little effort once mastered. If you want a quick course to teach you all about it and get started quickly, click here to generate that massive passive income.

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