Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cheap Baby Clothes and a Free Kids Size Chart

What is it with designer baby’s clothes? The more up market you go the smaller and less material they use to make babies clothes. Are wealthy people’s baby’s smaller than the working class baby’s? I doubt it! I’m sure they go to MacDonald’s just as much as the working class ones. We have to assume that the designers at Gucci etc. earn well and have tiny children. Why does a 4T shirt cost almost as much as one for me when you could make it out of one of my sleeves? One of the mysteries of designer clothes I guess!

It’s always difficult with baby’s clothes to know what size to get in the different makes. Ralph Lauren baby’s clothes for instance come up small generally so it’s always best to get the next size up. Especially with the expensive brands as you want some longevity if you paid a small fortune for that tiny shirt or blouse. OshKosh on the other hand tends to come up big and is very robust so you do get great value for money from this brand.

Buying Cheap Baby Clothes On eBay!

When buying baby’s clothes on eBay take the time to email the seller and get measurements if they aren’t on the listing. You will be amazed how different each brand can be in size. Especially, if the clothes are second-hand. Like our own clothes different brands react differently when washed. Some get bigger and some shrink slightly. But with children’s clothes this can be a dramatic change in size. The size of the shirts I have to buy for myself these days a little shrinkage isn’t going to matter right?... but with baby’s clothes it’s the difference in it fitting and it not. On eBay you would hopefully be getting these clothes fairly cheap, so it is a pain if you have to pursue a refund and send them back. That cheap pair of boy’s cute trousers could cost more than they are worth to send back. So you have wasted your time and money and these days you can’t afford to waste either. Just email the seller it saves a lot of disappointment. The good sellers will put size guides on the listing anyway.

The Importance of Measuring

With tops and t-shirts its best to measure the chest across from armpit to armpit and then shoulder to hem. That is more than enough information generally to buy the right size baby’s clothes. With trousers and skirts it’s best to measure the waist and length from top to bottom. There isn’t any need to measure inside leg generally with baby’s clothes. There is one thing to be careful with when it comes to baby’s trousers and that’s whether they are cropped or not. Because when you see a picture of 18-24 months old trousers they look like older baby’s cropped trousers. So check the description carefully in case they are cropped trousers as it’s very difficult for people to take a picture showing they are cropped without them being on an expensive model. These days’ companies are ditching the expensive models for 2D pictures of just the clothes.

Most of the big companies have size guides on their website but usually very difficult to find for some reason. If you are having trouble finding the size guide check the bottom of the home page or map as there will be a kids size chart there somewhere. But trust me, don’t take a chance, always check sizes before buying to avoid disappointment.

What is an average size child because I haven’t met one yet? I have three children and they all varied during their early years which meant we had to measure all the time before buying baby’s clothes for them. Because of my years of running a children’s clothes business I have compiled a general kids size chart for you which we have found to be the most accurate guide. Please click here and bookmark the page so you have it handy when you need a decent kids size chart.

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Web Design Courses and Why They Are Important

There are two main reasons why someone wants to learn about web design. One reason is because you want to learn how to build websites and become a web designer. The second is because you want control of your online business and don’t want to rely on a third party that won’t necessarily make the website the way you want and will charge you the earth for doing it.

Whatever camp you fall in to, doing web design courses are only going to enhance your life and not make it any worse. I believe that one day we will all know how to make a web site; it will be second nature and a necessary part of your development as a person. In the future it will be the equivalent of general writing skills. When I was young there weren’t any domestic computers but my children started using my PC when they were under three years old. My son could type his full name into the computer before he could write. This isn’t because he is some child prodigy but because he has been exposed to technology from an early age. These technological changes in mans evolution are something we will all have to deal with.

Learning web design and how to use the internet to its fullest is just part of our evolution. Business people that don’t understand websites and internet protocols will fall behind in the future or have to rely on outside companies so much that they won’t remain in control of their own destiny. You do have to outsource projects, this is just a fact of business life but you still need to understand how things work or the outsourcer starts controlling your business not you!

So if you intend making money online or using the internet in your business, you do need to learn how websites work and a web design course is the best place to start. You will find many web design courses available to you and the cost will be dependent on what level you want to achieve.

If you want to start an online business selling your skills or a service for instance, you don’t need to be a web designer. All you need to know is how to produce a great sales page and some information pages to boost your creditability. This is just a very sophisticated advertisement for you and your company. Letting the world know what services you provide and why you are the best at what you do.

However, if you want to sell products online using an ecommerce website, you will need a very good understanding of web design and marketing? This kind of website is more complicated because it involves online purchases plus real time stock changes and updates. Because you are taking money online it also includes a higher level of security and record reconciliation.

Whatever your reason for looking into web design courses, you can only benefit from such knowledge. I have six websites and control them all and although they may not be perfect they are under my control and cost me nothing to build and update and more importantly, they make me money while keeping costs low. Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

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Monday, 11 April 2011

We All Love Free Stuff So Is It Possible To Get Free Gadgets?

Did you ever wonder if all the hype about getting free stuff online was actually possible or true? Well… it is, but no one is going just give you free gadgets. So if you really want to know how to do it… read on!

Firstly, if you love free stuff and doubt that it is possible to get free gadgets and TV’s online, just ask yourself how much must all these free gadget and free stuff advertisers be paying Google and Yahoo to advertise. Advertising on the internet isn’t cheap and to get on the front page of searches is costly, believe me. Companies wouldn’t spend money on advertising if it wasn’t possible for their systems to work.

So when you analyse it there is clearly ways to get free stuff online and for those that love free stuff like me, that’s a relief. There are several ways of doing this and the basic rule is, the easier it is to get, the smaller and least value it will be. The really big prizes like Sony Home Theatre Systems take a little longer to achieve.

There are sample sites that will get you free samples and coupons like MagicFreebiesUK and such like, which is nice to receive but doesn’t change your life enough to warrant the time in my opinion. There are survey sites that make you do a ridiculous amount of surveys to get an old out of date mobile phone or some free Xbox games etc. But again this isn’t going to change your life.

Fortunately for us people that love free stuff and want free gadgets that will change your life there is a way to get them. But obviously a 56” Plasma with Surround Sound is not going to be given away cheaply. But you still don’t have to pay anything or do surveys but it will take you a little while and a bit of dedication. But it is worth it believe me!

If you are the sort of person that can set out a plan of action and stick to it, you can get all the free gadgets you desire. But if you are the sort of person that gives up easily and wants everything given to you on a silver platter well... sadly you are going to be disappointed, not just in this free stuff system but in life in general.

After all is said and done only the stay’ers, those with stamina and determination succeed in this life and getting free stuff online is no different. I can show you how to do it and it is relatively easy but it requires determination and dedication, so if you are not a stay’er and willing to learn, bail out now because I don’t want to waste your time.

If you are still with me, great! Your free Sony TV, Blackberry, Xbox or Laptop is just a few steps away. You will be amazed how easy it is for those that have it in them to work at something with vigour and determination.

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