Thursday, 19 August 2010

Free Money for Bills Uncovered

By: Frank London

There are many ‘grant money for bills' websites that encourage people to believe that you can get free money for bills and loans. Well, I haven't found anyone that has successfully done this. Besides, if you get a government grant to pay your bills it would only come out of the tax payer's money so you will all end up paying more tax and needing more hand outs. A recipe for disaster, I think you will agree.

Thousands of people are clicking on these government grant websites to find that they can't really help them and many are actually scams. There are small business grants but they are only given to entrepreneurs that have collateral which really means they don't need the money they just don't want to spend their own money. These days the banks and governments only lend to people that don't need it and people with plenty of property for the Bank to repossess should it all go wrong.

There is no doubt that it is becoming harder and harder to make money and even harder to keep that money once you earn it. So is there a way of getting free money for bills? Well… there is actually but it's not a get rich quick scheme or some dodgy online deal that lasts a month or so and then collapses. There is a proven system for people willing to have a go, study a bit and dedicate their time to this proven system.

It doesn't cost anything to set up and it doesn't cost anything to promote just your time and attention. If you can type (even one fingered) and have access to the internet you can do this. There are many so called ‘Gurus' out there who will make this system sound so difficult and complicated and there is a reason for that. If you learn to do this as well as them, you become competition and they don't like competition so they only tell you a little of what is really out there.

They are only interested in selling a complicated guide but don't really have any interest in you succeeding, in fact a certain percentage will actually mislead you so that you earn a little but not a lot like they do. Personally, I believe there is plenty for everyone online. It's the biggest customer base you will ever have and enables people from their home to sell to the world! One person and a laptop with the right knowledge can make a great income working 2-4 hours per day.

There are 1,630,625,048 internet users worldwide. That's your market place, so you can see there is plenty to go around and that's why there is a product called ‘Free Money For Bills Uncovered' that will show you how to do exactly what we do and give you ongoing support. Released in August 2010, this system is easy to master and has no on-going costs. Within one month of buying the guide you could be earning free money, depending on how much time you give it each day.

This is ideal for Stay At Home Mom's (SAHM's), the unemployed, retired people or people that are just sick of their job. Anyone can do this, the ‘Gurus' just make it sound complicated. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can and I will tell you everything I know. I believe the greatest work we can do is to empower others to improve themselves.

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