Friday, 23 October 2009

Can I Really Make Money Online?

If you put "can I really make money online" into google you will get a ridiculous amount of get rich results. The truth is most of these don't work and those that do, end up needing a lot of investment. But someone is making money, somewhere or there wouldn't be so many adverts.

So.... you find something that promises to make you rich while you are at the shops or sleeping but get halfway through and find it doesn't work unless you spend a fortune on advertising or pay per click. Obviously some of these get rich quick schemes do work as the advertisements that are coming up on the right hand side on Google have paid a lot of money to be there. So someone is making money somewhere! But how?

To start with here are the answers to the questions I get asked the most:
  • Can I make money online? (Of course! people are doing it all the time)
  • Can I get rich making money online? (Of course! with dedication and hard work)
  • Do I need a website to make money online? (No - there are many opportunities to make money online without a website)
  • Are there any schemes that will make me rich overnight? (No - if you find one please let me know)
  • Can I make enough money to leave my day job (Yes, definitely but again with dedication and hard work)
  • Can I make a good living working a couple of hours a day (Yes - there are systems that will give you this after an initial period)
  • If there are schemes and systems that make you money online why isn't everyone doing it? (Simple - because most people give up too easily and don't understand what they need to do)
  • What kind of income is easily achievable online? (Of course it depends on you but £200 per week is easily achievable doing online surveys alone)
The truth is, there are opportunities out there and you don't have to sift through pages and pages of empty promises to find them. The main thing to remember is that an online business is like any other business and needs dedication and determination. There are no get rich schemes that will work overnight. So if you're not prepared to get involved and be proactive then you will never change your circumstances. NO ACTION GETS - NO RESULTS!
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Frank London

Can You Get Gadgets Online For FREE?

Today I am going to show you a 'cheeky cheat' (not many people know about) that can get you the following products - guaranteed to be absolutely 100% FREE:
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops, PCs
  • Games Consoles + Games
  • MP3 Players
  • Widescreen TVs
And Much, MUCH More!I am not talking about second hand, not free samples, not refurbished, not broken or damaged, stolen or old versions. Plus there is no need for credit checks, no fakes or rip-offs and no hidden charges.

Everything you receive is 100% brand new, exactly as if you went to the shop and bought it. There is nothing illegal or dodgy about this its just exploiting a loop-hole and having a bit of cheek. People are already doing it so don't miss out. Every single day, people all over the world are receiving their free stuff from the comfort of their own homes, without spending a penny. You could be one of those people. The information that I'm going to expose to you today gives you the power to play these big companies at their own game and manipulate the system for your benefit, not theirs!

This is so easy even your Gran could do it (as more elderly people are using the internet now, she might already be doing it). So now you're wondering how? Well I will explain......

It's all part of a new modern marketing strategy that many large companies (including the big entertainment producers who sell things like mobile phones, games consoles, laptops and TVs) are taking up. They spend their million dollar marketing budget trying to "buy" new customers. Retail competition is so fierce at the moment that these companies are having to speculate with promotions that they hope will get us to buy more. So, they give away stuff all over the place, and fall right into our hands...

You see, there is a loophole in their new marketing approach that allows you to get what you want for free, because someone else (one of these big companies) will pay for it. Companies are effectively buying these gadgets with their marketing budgets, then posting them straight to your door! All you have to do is find the right companies, exploit the loophole, and the rest is easy. Its all about the loop-hole, once you know where to look you will be shopping online one minute and the next waiting for your FREE iPhone or TV.

What will you start with? A free iPhone? A free laptop? A free Xbox 360? A free Playstation 3?

The choices are endless, and there's no time like the present to get started. In just a few days from now, you could be holding a brand new 8GB iPhone, fresh out the box, still with the anti-scratch covers on the screen. You KNOW something is brand new when it's got those on - peeling them off is like unwrapping presents at Christmas!

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