Friday, 23 October 2009

Can I Really Make Money Online?

If you put "can I really make money online" into google you will get a ridiculous amount of get rich results. The truth is most of these don't work and those that do, end up needing a lot of investment. But someone is making money, somewhere or there wouldn't be so many adverts.

So.... you find something that promises to make you rich while you are at the shops or sleeping but get halfway through and find it doesn't work unless you spend a fortune on advertising or pay per click. Obviously some of these get rich quick schemes do work as the advertisements that are coming up on the right hand side on Google have paid a lot of money to be there. So someone is making money somewhere! But how?

To start with here are the answers to the questions I get asked the most:
  • Can I make money online? (Of course! people are doing it all the time)
  • Can I get rich making money online? (Of course! with dedication and hard work)
  • Do I need a website to make money online? (No - there are many opportunities to make money online without a website)
  • Are there any schemes that will make me rich overnight? (No - if you find one please let me know)
  • Can I make enough money to leave my day job (Yes, definitely but again with dedication and hard work)
  • Can I make a good living working a couple of hours a day (Yes - there are systems that will give you this after an initial period)
  • If there are schemes and systems that make you money online why isn't everyone doing it? (Simple - because most people give up too easily and don't understand what they need to do)
  • What kind of income is easily achievable online? (Of course it depends on you but £200 per week is easily achievable doing online surveys alone)
The truth is, there are opportunities out there and you don't have to sift through pages and pages of empty promises to find them. The main thing to remember is that an online business is like any other business and needs dedication and determination. There are no get rich schemes that will work overnight. So if you're not prepared to get involved and be proactive then you will never change your circumstances. NO ACTION GETS - NO RESULTS!
If you are ready to try and change your life with a bit of dedication and imagination, we might just be able to help. Please visit where we have sifted through 35 make money online schemes and found 4 that really work. Our advice is FREE so have a look at our review website and sign up for our FREE newsletter.
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All the best from me, visit if you are serious about changing your circumstances or just want an extra income.
Frank London

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