Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cheap Baby Clothes and a Free Kids Size Chart

What is it with designer baby’s clothes? The more up market you go the smaller and less material they use to make babies clothes. Are wealthy people’s baby’s smaller than the working class baby’s? I doubt it! I’m sure they go to MacDonald’s just as much as the working class ones. We have to assume that the designers at Gucci etc. earn well and have tiny children. Why does a 4T shirt cost almost as much as one for me when you could make it out of one of my sleeves? One of the mysteries of designer clothes I guess!

It’s always difficult with baby’s clothes to know what size to get in the different makes. Ralph Lauren baby’s clothes for instance come up small generally so it’s always best to get the next size up. Especially with the expensive brands as you want some longevity if you paid a small fortune for that tiny shirt or blouse. OshKosh on the other hand tends to come up big and is very robust so you do get great value for money from this brand.

Buying Cheap Baby Clothes On eBay!

When buying baby’s clothes on eBay take the time to email the seller and get measurements if they aren’t on the listing. You will be amazed how different each brand can be in size. Especially, if the clothes are second-hand. Like our own clothes different brands react differently when washed. Some get bigger and some shrink slightly. But with children’s clothes this can be a dramatic change in size. The size of the shirts I have to buy for myself these days a little shrinkage isn’t going to matter right?... but with baby’s clothes it’s the difference in it fitting and it not. On eBay you would hopefully be getting these clothes fairly cheap, so it is a pain if you have to pursue a refund and send them back. That cheap pair of boy’s cute trousers could cost more than they are worth to send back. So you have wasted your time and money and these days you can’t afford to waste either. Just email the seller it saves a lot of disappointment. The good sellers will put size guides on the listing anyway.

The Importance of Measuring

With tops and t-shirts its best to measure the chest across from armpit to armpit and then shoulder to hem. That is more than enough information generally to buy the right size baby’s clothes. With trousers and skirts it’s best to measure the waist and length from top to bottom. There isn’t any need to measure inside leg generally with baby’s clothes. There is one thing to be careful with when it comes to baby’s trousers and that’s whether they are cropped or not. Because when you see a picture of 18-24 months old trousers they look like older baby’s cropped trousers. So check the description carefully in case they are cropped trousers as it’s very difficult for people to take a picture showing they are cropped without them being on an expensive model. These days’ companies are ditching the expensive models for 2D pictures of just the clothes.

Most of the big companies have size guides on their website but usually very difficult to find for some reason. If you are having trouble finding the size guide check the bottom of the home page or map as there will be a kids size chart there somewhere. But trust me, don’t take a chance, always check sizes before buying to avoid disappointment.

What is an average size child because I haven’t met one yet? I have three children and they all varied during their early years which meant we had to measure all the time before buying baby’s clothes for them. Because of my years of running a children’s clothes business I have compiled a general kids size chart for you which we have found to be the most accurate guide. Please click here and bookmark the page so you have it handy when you need a decent kids size chart.

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