Monday, 14 December 2009

The Secret To Successful Online Football Betting

My love affair with football and betting began when I was a teenager. As I am middle aged and from London (UK) this was my Saturday morning when I was in my early teens. My father and I would get up before anyone else in the house and have a full English breakfast before going to the betting shop. In those days they turned a blind eye to kids being in there with their fathers. He would bet on horse racing and football mostly. I preferred football and only got into horse racing later on.

So from a very early age I followed football and learnt about betting on football. He would let me pick a score on the afternoon’s televised match and place the bet for me. After this, we would go to the Working Men’s Club all afternoon and watch the football on the TV. These were great times that have sadly gone from English life. These days it’s considered detrimental to a kids development even though I was top of my class in Mathematics from working out odds and chalking scores on the Darts match in the Working Men’s Club.

But these days betting on football has changed beyond recognition with the development of online football betting. You can even bet during the game plus you have Betfair where punters bet against one another. But online football betting hasn’t changed the fact that you lose more than you win unless you have a system that works or are very lucky.

I tried different systems for years, some were my own creation and some were bought online systems and I just about gave up about 3 years ago and then I found Football Betting Tipsters. This system really works and they give you the games to bet on and help you every inch of the way. I only tried it because it had a free trial so I thought ‘might as well give it a try’. Nothing to lose right… It worked a treat!

This system was discovered by a very shrewd man, who worked for top Bookmakers so he had inside information and found out why these Bookmakers pay people large sums of money to study the professional gamblers that win all the time. Apart from the obvious match fixers and gangsters etc. There are professional gamblers that use systems to pick winners and stack the odds in their favour. There isn’t a system that guarantees a 100% winning ratio but you don’t need a 100% to make money from online football betting just 80-90% will do it. And this system gives you that and its totally legal and above board.

With this system you can turn £100’s into a £1000’s very quickly and with no risk. Imagine what that extra money can do for you and your family and it’s the most exiting way to win money if you follow football. ‘Live’ games become more exiting when there is money on it! When you have the odds stacked in your favour with a great system that works you can’t go wrong. Your friends will be so envious when they see you winning all the time. They will beg you to show them how!

From the time we had our first child I knew I had to find a way to make money online so that I could spend more time with my kids. I was working from 9 am until 9 pm in Retail Management and never got to see them. I never got to see the school plays and missed out on the open evenings at their schools. Hey guess what… I never miss one now. I make money online from many different sources and this is just one of them. If you like football and betting give it a try; you can take a seven day trial so there is no risk to you at all. Make some real money with this online football betting system.

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